February 11, 2020  |  Alessandro

Hi Alessandro,

I’m writing for a favor. It’s a little complicated, so this is a letter to try to explain.


You joked once, that you could act as my manager when we were talking about my would-be sales as a writer. Keep this in mind as you read on.


In 2019 I set up a non-profit organization (I registered with the State of Washington) to house a digital archive


On January 2 I decided I’d try to start focusing on the project, which I’d left alone due to the pandemic, by writing a letter to the staff of USFCA Philippines Studies Dept


I got a response from Mark T. Miller and he gave me the personal contact information for Cecilia Gaerlan and Juanita Tamayo Lott.


I got in touch with Cecilia, we’ve had a couple great conversations. She’s going to introduce me to Cynthia Bonta in April. Cynthia is Rob Bonta’s mother.


(I’m trying to study up on Juanita.) Her CV intimidates me and I’d like to be educated before I try to reach out to her for help.


Okay. So, here’s where things start moving fast:


Lou Diamond Phillips: DMs - I’ll send screenshots by Whatsapp in a little bit

Tobit Raphael: DMs -  I’ll send screenshots by Whatsapp in a little bit


Henry Golding: Tweets


The @sajrnl narrative is this. In 2018 I tweeted Henry off and on for fun because I just felt like it, but I think at the back of my mind I thought it would be good to have him as an ally if my little kernel of an idea for TBP developed into something substantial. I tweeted him @newyorker cartoons all the time. (I’ve since deleted a lot of my tweets to him.)


Gold House is the premier film production co. in Hollywood serving the Asian-American demo. Bing Chen founded it.


Liv Lo is Henry’s wife. She’s cool.


Now, about my teaser & follow-up & hint, choosing the journalists to leak the story to was easy. They did a great round-up analysis on NFTs just a couple of weeks ago.


I don’t mean to contact my WSJ/Venture Beat former mentors @DagmarAalund @CRohwedder @mmarshall @NikkiHoustonWae, but if they seek me out, then I won’t refuse them.


So, here’s where the favor comes in. Would you feel comfortable acting as my agent? Basically, it would consist of interacting with Die Zeit as an initial point of contact. It won’t be anytime soon, probably. I am not sure what this will all entail, just that I could use a buffer. Maybe it will be a 1-time thing? I’d give them your name & number. They contact you & then you facilitate a call.


Professor Starbatty is a key player in the NFT game plan.


The piggy bank was really funny. He invited me to his house when I was living in Germany, he picked me up/dropped me off at the train station, introduced me to his dog who had a cone around its head. It was a “Before Sunset” day, except with no romance.

Melania’s sale of the white hat. Owner = Seller = Buyer.


I do think I can convince a lot of people to participate in buying and selling of the NFTs. There will be a lot of NFTs, probably, so there will be a variety of price points. Some content will be more interesting than others. People will have to read the material to figure out what’s most valuable. We’ll put the NFTs up for bid on the same day the film docs go live on the website.


That’s it!


Have a great weekend. See you Thursday.